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Q: What do one month old babies think about?
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Is it safe keeping father rabbit with its one month old babies?

is it safe keeping father with its one month old pet rabbit babies

Can you hold baby hamster babies if there a week old?

No I would wait until they are at least one month old.

Will a female hamster stay vicious after the babies are old enough to leave their mother at 5 weeks old?

Usually they do, though you have to be carefull around the mother until the babies are about one month old.

When a one month old baby cannot swallow what is done to help her?

She can receive help from a rehabilitation hospital for babies and children.

Today for the first time I saw my female rabbit humping her one month old babies Ive seen her humping them throughout the day today Why is she doing this as I am very worried?

Female rabbits hump their babies as a form of dominance behavior, establishing their authority. This behavior can also be a way for the mother rabbit to teach her young ones boundaries as they start exploring their environment. It is a natural behavior in rabbits and not necessarily a cause for concern as long as the babies are not being harmed.

How old do hamsters have to be bofore they start producing young?

to have babies, a female hamster has to be anywhere between one month and one year. no older and no younger.

How many babies are born in one month on average in the UK?

Approximately 60,000 babies are born each month on average in the UK.

If you have a eight month or seven month rabbit how long does it take for them to have babies?

Rabbits typically have a gestation period of about 28-31 days, regardless of their age. So, if an eight or seven month old rabbit becomes pregnant, it will take around one month for them to give birth to their babies.

How long does a bunny take to have babies?

about one month after she getspregnant

How many babies can have a panda have at one time?

i think pandas have about 2 babies at a time! i think pandas have about 2 babies at a time!

What are the common age ranges for catching listeriosis?

Infection is most common in babies younger than one month old and adults over 60 years of age.

How young can a male hamster breed?

best and safest is to wait until both male and female are 3 months old