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the best way to avoid pregnancy is abstinence but if cannot be avoided, the best way is to use condoms, tubal ligation.

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Q: What is the best form of contraception?
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How do you write Emergency contraception in mandarin?

紧急避孕 = emergency contraception simplified form. 緊急避孕 = emergency contraception traditional form.

Is birth control a form of contraception?

Yes, birth control is a form of contraception. I came across a website where you can get all information about different types of contraception or birth control options which can be used to prevent pregnancy. You can contact for more information.

What is the world's oldest form of contraception?


Does the bullet form of contraception keep working after expirery?

probably not

Is tying your tubes going against the catholic church?

It is a form of contraception in the eyes of a Catholic. We are supposed to live to reproduce. You are not supposed to use contraception when you are Catholic.

If you pray you will not get pregnant?

Praying is not considered an effective form of contraception by most people.

How would you describe your method of contraception?

Hello, This depends in which way you want it answering? Are you asking what method of birth control is the best? or what method of contraception each is useing? Best birth control is not to do it,second one if used properly injectable pill, although on any form of contraception you still have a small chance of getting pregnant. Me myself i have had my tubes tied so thati cant have anymore, this was due to the fact that i had an etopic pregnancy and found out that i had endrometriosis. take care, jeanette

Contraception literally means against conception According to this definition is an intrauterine device a contraceptive?

Yes, it is a form of contraception because, it prevents sperm from getting to the eggs therefore preventing pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant if she uses implanon and i pulled out?

No, implanon is an effective form of contraception and will protect women from pregnancy

Can you get you get pregnant on birth control?

No form mechanical or chemical contraception for normal intercourse is 100% foolproof.

Can you get preagnant having an IUD?

Yes. An intrauterine device is a very reliable form of contraception but it is not absolute.

Can you use coca cola as a form of contraception?

No. It does not work. Coke alone? no it doesnt. (though i shudnt be sharing this) but if supplied with a strong mint candy then it maybe it can? hmmm but that isn't contraception anymore is it?. its MURDER...