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The most dominant traits are passed from parents to their children.

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Q: What kind of traits are passed from parents to their children?
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The kind of genes an organism possesses is dependent on what?

The kind of genes an organism possesses is dependent on the genetic information inherited from its parents through DNA. Genes are passed down from one generation to the next, determining traits such as physical appearance and biological functions. Genetic recombination and mutations also play a role in shaping the diversity of genes within a population.

Why some parents are poor of parental skills?

Parenting skills are passed down from parents to their children. This is why parenting is an important skill. It only takes one generation to not pull their weight and this is passed to their childrens children. It so easily breaks down into bedlam.Society changing to easy come easy go attitudes has generated this kind of bad parenting. Not being allowed to discipline children at home or in schools has also encouraged bad behaviour by children. Children need discipline and love in their lives and need to learn right from wrong, this should be taught by the parents, but a lot of these parents cannot be bothered. They need to go to parenting classes to learn how to bring up children.

What is natural selection - for kids?

Evolution is the changing of life-forms over time. Natural selection is one of the driving processes of that change. Natural selection works because all living things have offspring, children, that are slightly different from their parents and siblings. The differences between siblings and parents mean that they all react to the world around them in a slightly different way. These slight differences can mean that some will be able to gather less food than others, so that they won't have as many children as the others. And the traits that make them worse (or better) food-gatherers are passed on to their own children. Over time, over the generations, these differences mount, so that there will be many more children with the kind of traits that make them good food-gatherers than children with poor food-gathering skills.

What is a kind of family that parents who were married before they have children?

A Married Couple !

What kind of parental love did the parents give the children?

Kiss them or hug them

What are the children called when they choose their parents before they're born?

I don't believe that there is actually a term for those kind of children.

What kind of education was in Ancient Persia?

Children were taught by their parents, and for the rich, household tutors.

When genesis speaks of the genetic principle or parents producing offspring like themselves it uses the phrase?

The phrase used in Genesis is "according to their kind." This phrase emphasizes the idea that living things reproduce offspring that are similar to themselves in characteristics and traits. It reflects the concept of heredity and genetic principles guiding the passing of traits from parents to offspring.

What kind of behaviors do organism inherit from their parents?

Organisms inherit instincts from their parents. Instincts are natural behaviors that are passed down through generations as opposed to learned behaviors.

What kind of traits are traits that people deliberately change?

manipulated acquired traits

What kind of traits do people deliberately change?

Manipulated traits

What are ferns character traits from the book Charlottes Web?

Ferns character traits are kind loyal and sweetFerns character traits are kind loyal and sweet