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No, its generally considered that the first English novel was Robinson Crusoe, written in 1719 - over 100 years after Shakespeare's death. On the other hand, works like George Gascoigne's The Adventures of Master F. J. (1573) or John Lyly's Euphues (1578) have been called novels.

But whether or not there were novels around at Shakespeare's time is beside the point--in all of Shakespeare's known work there are no works of prose fiction whatsoever, and so nothing which could by any stretch of the imagination be called a novel.

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Q: Did William Shakespeare write novels
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What were William Shakespeare historic novels?

Shakespeare did not write novels, so the answer to this is none.

How many novels written by William Shakespeare?

Zero. Shakespeare didn't write novels.

What is a BB referring to a novel of William shakespeare?

William Shakespeare did not write novels. The initials "BB" have no relevance to anything Shakespeare did write either.

What is the total number of books that have been written about Shakespeare's plays?

If you mean, how many novels did William Shakespeare write, the answer is none. Shakespeare didn't write novels. If you mean how many novels are about William Shakespeare, well, quite a few, including the juvenile novel The Shakespeare Stealer by Gary Blackwood, and two sequels by him. A number of novels have centred on Judith Shakespeare, William's daughter, such as William Black's Judith Shakespeare, or My Father Had a Daughter by Grace Tiffany. A novel based on Shakespeare's life is The Players by Stephanie Cowell. There is really no way to count all these.

Did Shakespeare write novels?

No, Shakespeare wrote plays, sonnets and poems.

Why did William Shakespeare not write books?

Since everything Shakespeare wrote has at some time or another been published in book form, from one perspective he certainly did write books. Indeed he intended some of it, especially his long poems Venus and Adonis and The Rape of Lucrece to be published in book form.What you mean possibly is: "Why did William Shakespeare not write novels?" The reason is that novels were at that time a new form of writing that was rare and not fully developed. There was no money in them. Plays on the other hand were what Shakespeare was paid to write.

William Shakespeare didn't write his plays?

Is this a question? William Shakespeare did write his plays.

How many novels did William wells brown write?

2 novels

What did William Shakespeare write about?

shakespeare wrote about tragicomedies and romance

How many novel did Shakespeare wrote?

Zero. Shakespeare did not write novels--as a literary form they were almost unheard of in his day.

When did shakespeare write Merlin the magician?

William Shakespeare did not write anything called Merlin the Magician

What are some novels that William Shakespeare wrote?

None. William Shakespeare did not write any novels, novellas, short stories or any other kind of narrative prose. He wrote plays. And plays are totally different from novels, most importantly because plays are instructions for performance and can only be understood as performances, whereas narrative prose is intended to be read to yourself. Perhaps the main cause of students finding Shakespeare's work to be "difficult" is that they are handed a book to read as if it were a novel when it is nothing like a novel.