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No, there are no ghosts in Othello. Hamlet is the Shakespearian play that has a ghost.

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Q: Does any ghost is there in Othello?
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How would you describe a modern Othello?

The same way I would describe any other Othello. Othello is still Othello no matter what clothes you put him in.

Who were the moors on Othello?

In the play Othello (and in any other work in English from the same period) the word "Moor" meant "African"

Who is Desdemona's father in Othello?

Brabantio is Desdemona's father. He becomes very upset when Desdemona elopes with Othello and accuses Othello of committing witchcraft in order to woo his daughter. Othello denies any wrongdoing and Brabantio warns Othello that if Desdemona deceived her father, she can deceive Othello as well. Brabantio dies from a broken-heart resulting from Desdemona's marriage.

How does the duke respond to Othello's monologue in Othello?

When Othello finishes his monologue the duke relieves him of any guilt he may have for using black magic to marry Desdmona, and ultimately dismisses Desdmona's father's claims.

Is there any soccer team avileable in seattle pasco Othello moses lake washington?

yes there is the othello one but i don't know where to sign up?

Who does desdemona get to assist her with Othello?

Desdemona does not need any assistance with Othello. She is quite capable of looking after any needs he might have of a wife. Desdemona does have Emilia (Iago's wife) as a kind of maid. She did not arrange this.

Who is the only person who has any sympathy for the ghost in the canterville ghost?

ghost are real

Is there any ghost in Nepal?

i think there are ghost in nepal

What is the climax of Othello?

The climax of Othello is when Othello goes into Desdemona's room to kill her.

Who commits suicide in Othello?


Who is Desdemonas uncle in Othello?


What does Desdemona represent in the play Othello?

she represents love and courage in the play. She left her home without any permisson of her father for her love to Othello because she loved him.

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