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Because it did

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Q: How did the Bubonic Plague effect the life of Shakespeare?
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What significant events were occurring during Shakespeare's life?

The plague.

Who died in shakespeares life from the black plague?

Hamnet Shakespeare died from the plague at age 11. Hamnet was William Shakespeare's son whom was the twin of Judith, William's daughter.

How did the plague affect Shakespeare's work and life?

The plague affected Shakespeare work because whenever an outbreak occured, all theaters in the area were shut down, and this is what happened to the Curtain Theatre in 1596, a theater associated with Shakespeare. At that time the Lord Chamberlain's Men went on tour of Kent. Shakespeare nearly died of the plague when he was a baby. He lost one brother and a sister to it.

What is an important event of william Shakespeares life?

Hailey.cook said:One important event in William Shakespeare's life was the impact of the Black Plague. The Plague raged through his city and even took the life of his only son, Hamnet. This is where his ideas on humanism may have derived from. For example, in his play Hamlet, the protagonist Prince Hamlet struggles to understand death. Many plays before Shakespeare's time were focused on religion, so the dark ideas that Prince Hamlet expresses in this play were very shock-worthy back in the 1500s. The positive effect that the plague had on Shakespeare was that the disease caused the theatres to be shutdown, therefor putting a hault to his acting career. There wasn't much work to be done for an actor during this time, so he turned to playwriting. If the Black Plague never occurred, we may never have unleashed the creative imagination of one of the world most influential writers. This is why the Black Plague was one of the important events in William Shakespeare's life.Bolognaking said:The above account is factually inaccurate. The Plague epidemic swept through Europe in the 1300s, more than 200 years before Shakespeare was born, and although the disease had not been eradicated in Shakespeare's day, it was no more of an event than bad plumbing. There is no reason to suppose that Hamnet died of plague--there was no plague outbreak in Stratford at the time. The ideas that Shakespeare expressed in Hamlet were not "shock-worthy" or even surprising, but followed on the traditions started by Kyd and Marlowe and that generation of playwrights. Shakespeare was writing plays long before the theatres were shut down in 1593-1594, and anyway, actors didn't stop acting when the theatres shut down, they just stopped acting in the city. A real actual important event in Shakespeare's life was the Spanish Armada, which was defeated when Shakespeare was 24, and another was the St. Batholomew's Day Massacre which happened when Shakespeare was 8.

What was the black death and how did it impact shakespeares career?

The Black Death was an epidemic of Bubonic Plague which swept through Europe in the 1300s and killed one-third of the population. It was called the Black Death because it attacked the lymphatic system and caused blue-black lumps called buboes to form in the lymphatic nodes. By Shakespeare's day, two hundred years later, it had died out. The plague virus had, however mutated and a new disease was a problem, called Pneumonic Plague, because it attacked the lungs rather than the lymphatic system. This kind of plague made frequent outbreaks throughout England during Shakespeare's life. Shakespeare's sister Anne died of it. The theatre business was severely curtailed on several occasions when the theatres were all closed as a health measure during outbreaks.

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Did Shakespeare face any hardships in his life?

Shakespeare faced many challenges. He faced the Bubonic plague, and a lack of money. He also had a lot of criticism.

Why were the theatres repeatedly shut during Shakespeare's life?

During outbreaks of the Bubonic Plague all the theaters in London would be ordered to shut down. The chances of surviving the plague were only 50%.

Facts about life in the 1600s about the plague?

The plague was a terrible disease that was carried around in the 16th century the most popular plague was the bubonic plague.

How did bubonic plague affect manor life?

The bubonic plague killed many people including peasants/workers, so a lot of manor work was left neglected.

How does the bubonic plague effect your life?

it is caused by the bacteria Yersina Pestis. Once you have bubonic plague, if you let it go on for too long, you can lose limbs, die, or get the pneumonia plague. You need to take anitibiotics such as Naproxen and if traveling, get a vaccine before you enter a place that has been know for the bubonic plague. It cuts off cellular communication and causes your skin to turn black. That is why it is know as the "Black Death." If is spread by the oriental rat flea.

What significant events were occurring during Shakespeare's life?

The plague.

What was the life expectancy of the bubonic plague?

When the plague occurred before the time of antibiotics, the date rate was as high as 75%. There are two forms: the pneumonic form which affects mainly the lungs and the bubonic form which affects the lymph system.

How to recover from bubonic plague?

Take some antibiotics unless you want to die. Then, live life to the fullest. =)

What is the life expectancy for bubonic plague?

the bubonic plagye or black death, was a desease transmite by fleas mostly carried by rodents wich got to the people when the rodent died. I will post the wikipedia article on black death or bubonic plague in the related links box below so that you can have the whole information.

Who died in shakespeares life from the black plague?

Hamnet Shakespeare died from the plague at age 11. Hamnet was William Shakespeare's son whom was the twin of Judith, William's daughter.

Was Shakespeare born after the plague?

Bubonic plague and its later forms spread across Europe very quickly in the fourteenth century and killed a large percentage of the population. The disease returned every few years and killed more people, although fewer and fewer people died from it every time. It was nevertheless still a very serious business during the whole of Shakespeare's life and for some time afterwards. There was a notoriously bad outbreak in 1666, fifty years exactly after Shakespeare's death (which was not due to the plague, although the exact cause is unknown).

What was the life expectancy in Shakespeare's time?

The life expectancy in Shakespeare's time was around about 30-40 years old as a lot of people died of the black plague ( a horrible disease).

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