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"et voi" is Finnish for "you can't".

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Q: How do you answer et voi?
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Cand ma voi marita?

Cind ma voi marita

What is thename forthemp for voi?

The meember of parliament for Voi is Jones Mlolwa.

Who is the MP of voi?

The member of parliament of Voi is Mr. Jones Mlolwe.

Hello you in Italian?

"Ciao voi" is "Hello You" in Italian.

When was Voi-La Intruder created?

Voi-La Intruder was created in 2002.

When was Qui studio a voi stadio created?

Qui studio a voi stadio was created in 1987.

What is the population of the town of Voi?

Lying at the western edge of the Taru Desert, Voi is the largest town in the Taita-Taveta county in southern Kenya. There are 19,624 living in the town of Voi.

What is the duration of Qui studio a voi stadio?

The duration of Qui studio a voi stadio is 4 hours.

What is oc doi voi in English?

If you mean "Ốc Vòi Voi", it's called geoduck clam

What does voi jeans stand for?

This is the real meaning of 'VOI' Italian | Plural | InformalMeaning You.example."Engineered For You" VOI is from the Italian plural for "You" meaning a group of people. It forms part of the brands TradeMark "Engineered for You".

What is sto pensado voi?

"Sto pensaNdo A voi" (the capitals are missing letters) is not French but Italian, and means "I'm thinking of you" - 'you' in the 'voi' form referring normally to more than one person.

Does 'Voi in Voi' translate from Italian to English as 'Voice of Islam'?

No, "Voice of Islam" is not what the Italian marketing phrase Voi in Voi stands for. the first first person plural pronoun, preposition, and first person plural pronoun instead translate as "You in Voi (jeans)" regarding the name brand of a jeans company located in the United Kingdom. The pronunciation will be "voy een voy" in Italian.