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You cannot control your Sony Receiver with your Sharp TV remote. Sharp remotes can control many brands of DVD and Blu-ray Players, but only Sharp receivers.

You should program your Sony receiver's remote to control your TV instead. How you do this is outlined in your owners' manual.

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Q: How do you program your sharp aquos remote control to control a Sony home theater system?
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Is it possible to control sc-pt75 home theater with the remote of sc-vk480 audio system?

No. The remote included with the SC-VK480 mini system is not designed to control the SC-PT75. The PT75 came with a remote control.

What is the remote control codes for Panasonic home theater model sc-pt75?

The SC-PT75 doesn't have a programmable remote control itself. In order to know what codes to recommend to control this product, We need to know which remote control from which device you are using. Every manufacturer has a different code system to program their universal remotes.

How do you program a sharp aquos remote to control a model sony bdp-bx59 Blu-ray player?

How do you program sharp squid remote to control sony s570 blu ray system

What is a universal remote used for?

A universal remote is used when you have more than one electronic device like a television, DVD player and a home theater system, with the universal control you will be able to control all this electronics, saving you time and the constant search for the remote control.

How do you program a RCA 3 Device Universal Flashlight Remote Control?

The system and device is OK now. Imalent EU06 3 in 1 touch screen LED flashlight with remote control.

How do you program a RCA 3-Device Universal Flashlight Remote Control?

The system and device is OK now. Imalent EU06 3 in 1 touch screen LED flashlight with remote control.

What lighting system allows fro remote control?

Lutron makes a remote control lighting system.

Where can I buy a remote for my home theater?

You can buy a remote for your home theater system from the store you bought the system from. You should also shoot for the same brand, so you can be sure it will work, ask the sales team for advice.

What is simplink on my tv?

LG's simplink system can control all of your connected home theater devices with one remote control. If you press the SIMPLINK remote control button, you can switch on and control all devices connected by HDMI. Once you turn off your LG TV, all of those devices will also turn off.

Where can you buy a JVC home theater system control?

If you want an original replacement remote and JVC doesn't make the model anymore, a site like has hundreds. If you don't care about it being original, I would recommend checking out a Logitech Harmony remote, which can be programmed to control your receiver, TV, DVD and just about everything that has an infrared remote.

How you program lg tv remote to operate lht854?

0591 is the code for LG's LHT854 DVD home theatre system. The code is for zenith, but it works for this lg model aswell.

What are the remote codes for the Polk audio surround SDA theater system?

Every remote manufacturer has a different set of codes numbers for other manufacturers. What remote are you using?