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Hamlet in the introduction

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Q: In which shakespeare play does a ghost walk on the battlements?
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How does Shakespeare's narrator's mistress walk?


What did children wear shakespeare era?

Children, once they could walk, were dressed in the same style as their parents.

Where was Shakespeare globe theater?

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre is the name of the reconstruction built in 1997. It is in the area of greater London south of the Thames, called Southwark. Its address is 21, New Globe Walk. The theatre Shakespeare worked in was just called "The Globe" (no "Shakespeare's" about it) and was also in Southwark not far away. Specifically, the foundations are under 67-70 Anchor Terrace, Southwark.

Which play by shakespeare is indicated by the highest tragic walk of your national bard?

I love this question. It makes no sense whatsoever, but it is fun trying to imagine what it could possibly mean. What does "highest tragic walk" mean? It suggests an unsuccessful tightrope walk between two skyscrapers to me. Then again, it asks about "your national bard". Well, doesn't that depend on who I am? If a person is Scottish, that would be Robert Burns, or if Italian, Dante Alighieri, or Iranian, Omar Khayyam. So do we have to imagine Burns walking about and falling off of the highest point of Edinburgh Castle, or Dante doing the same from the leaning tower of Pisa, or Omar Khayyam doing the same from the minaret of the mosque in Nishapur? Ludicrous as this is, it does call to mind a play by Shakespeare. In King John, Prince Arthur, the King's nephew, dies by falling from a high place while trying to escape from jail.

In Shakespeare's play what did the audience do if they did not like the actors or plays?

Shakespearean audiences would boo the actor off the stage, throwing tomato and other rotten fruits and vegetables at them. In cases like "The Merchant of Venice" the audience hated Jews so much that when the leading man Shylock the Jew walked on the whole theatre would shout for him to walk off.

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