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Slammin' 6

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Q: The best name to a girl boy dance and singing group?
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What is the name of the black girl singing group from a movie?

What movie? Dreamgirls? If so Dreamgirls was inspired by real live group, The Supremes, who were a black girl singing group.

What actors and actresses appeared in All Girl Revue - 1940?

The cast of All Girl Revue - 1940 includes: June Allyson as Mayor Edith Brandell as Information Kiosk Girl Beverly Crane as Dance Act Gae Foster Girls as Dance Group The Harrison Sisters as Singing Group Beverly Kirk as Madame Beverly, Opera Singer Betty Mae Crane as Dance Act

What are the release dates for Dance on Sunset - 2008 Girl Group Dance-Off 1-10?

Dance on Sunset - 2008 Girl Group Dance-Off 1-10 was released on: USA: 31 May 2008

Is there a girl in dance group diversity?

nope ther is no girl in diversity

Are there any people looking for a girl singing group?

Yup :)

What happened to the girl group Sweet Obsession?

Where are they now singing group sweet obsession

What is a example of a famous 3 girl singing group?

The clique Girls

What do you do when you ask a girl to slow dance and she says no hen asks you to fast dance with her and a group of people?

you "fast dance"

What is this new pop song that everyone is listening to its a girl singing about clearing the dance floor or someting to do with a dance floor please someone tell me please?

the song is evacuate the dance floor by cascada

Why does Lloyd Polite like singing and what or who made him like singing?

His mother was in an all-girl 80's group called Klymaxx.

What is the name of that girl dance group of tiny and toya?

Omg girlz

Who is the best girl singing guy?

Justin Beiber, apparently.