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Some Famous types of danceing in France are: French pop French Jazz And Cabrett

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Q: What are famous types of music and dance in France?
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What is the main types of dance?

any type of dance is famous depending on what you like to dance to.

What are the similarities of Jazz music and the Jazz dance?

jazz is a type of music, and people dance to jazz music. there are types of jazz from different eras an different places, those different types of jazz have their own kinda types of dance styles and steps, for example swing.

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Different types of club dance music?

help me please

What types of dance music are there?

you can get pop rock jazz and loads of differnernt type of music but music to dance to is modern jazz ballet street ballroom and more!

What are unique features of dance music?

One unique feature of dance music is that it is one of the only types of music to be made up of purely hooks and riffs

What two types of music did the 1920's give us?

Jazz(music),Ragtime(music),and Tango(dance).

Does dance have to have music?

No, dance doesn`t have to have music. It really depends on the kind of dance you are doing. Types of dances like jazz, is something that everyone dances with music because its upbeat and you can have a great time jazz dancing with music. Evacuate the dance floor is a great song to dance to, so is Mine. But, no you don`t need music to dance to.

What type of music effects your heart rate more?

Faster types of music such as dance, disco, and techno.

Why do you have different kinds of dance in popular culture?

because there are different types of music

What kind of music is UK Funky?

As suggested by the name, UK Funky music originated in the United Kingdom. It's a type of upbeat electronic dance music. It is influenced mostly by other types of dance and electronic music.

What types of entertainment did Alexander the Great enjoy?

Music, dance, sports and contests of his soldiers

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