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Portia's impersonation of a man and a lawyer when she was neither springs to mind. Likewise Nerissa's impersonation of a lawyer's clerk. Jessica deceives her father so she can elope with Lorenzo.

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yes there is. the Jew doesnt know that his daughter is married to a Christian but the audience does. another example is when Portia and Narissa are at Antonio's trial, the guys dont know that the two girls are pretending to be men but the audience does.

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The fact that Portia (a woman) plays a lawyer (who were only men at the time) would be one irony in this play.

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That would be in Walt Disney World in Tomorrowland. But it is actually not called The Merchant of Venice is called as a pun, The Merchant of Venus.

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Q: What are some examples of puns in The Merchant of Venice?
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