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He was a character in a play called Othello by William Shakespeare

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Q: What are some facts about Othello?
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Lessons leaned in play Othello?

Verify your facts. Do not trust the word of some bitter underling.

What are facts about Othello?

He was African, a great soldier, living in Venice, middle-aged, married to Desdemona.

Would the novel of Othello be different if Othello was white?

There is no novel of Othello, actually. The famous Othello is a play by Shakespeare. Plays are not novels. If Othello was white, Othello wouldn't have been insecure, his relationship with Desdemona wouldn't be disapproved of and Iago might have hated Othello less. That is, of course assuming that Othello is white and so is everybody else. If Othello were white and everyone else was black, the story would be much the same because Othello's insecurity stems from his feeling of otherness, his feeling that he was different from everyone else. Othello has in fact been staged in this way, with a black cast and a white Othello. It has also been staged with actors playing Othello who are not black but are different from the rest in some other way.

What are some of the racist insults to Othello in the play?


What are some similes in Othello?

getthy uo rftg gftuh

What are some family games that begin with the letter o?

· Othello

How does Othello die?

Othello kills himself with a knife. In some productions, he stabs himself with a dagger IN THE THROAT! Others have him stabbing himself abdominally.

What is the climax of Othello?

The climax of Othello is when Othello goes into Desdemona's room to kill her.

Who is Desdemonas uncle in Othello?


Who commits suicide in Othello?


What is another name for Othello?

The full title of the Shakespeare play often called "Othello" is "The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice." There are operas and other musical pieces based on the story and in some of these the name is spelled "Otello."

Othello - What was Cassio's relationship with Othello before the beginning of the play?

They had a good relationship - Othello trusted Cassio and Cassio respected Othello

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