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stanza mean in sports

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Q: What does stanza mean in sports?
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What do the first stanza in the national anthem of the US mean?

stanza: Washington

What does 6th to tenth stanza mean?

a stanza, is like a paragraph in a poem.

What action is described in the third stanza of the poem?

what does a third stanza mean pls tell me

What does the word stanza mean in Italian?

A room

What is a word or words that mean a five line stanza?


What does the Tagalog word saknong mean?

Saknong = parentheses, stanza (of a poem)

What does heptastich mean?

Heptastich refers to a poem or stanza that has exactly seven lines. Each line in a heptastich can vary in length and meter.

What does father mean in the last stanza of oh captain your captain?

the lord god

What does the first stanza of The Sea by James Reeves mean?

the dangerous behaviour of the sea

What does villanelle mean?

Its a poem that has 19 lines, based on the repetition of the first and third lines of the first stanza. It is made up of five tercets, and one quatrain. The rhyme scheme is aba in the first stanza, bba for the next four stanzas, and abaa for the final stanza. The final line of the second and fourth stanzas is the first line of the first stanza, while the final line of the third and fifth stanzas is the last line of the first stanza. For the final stanza, the first line of the first stanza is the third line, and the fourth is the final line of first stanza. A formal poem that uses extensive repetition

Used in the second stanza of A Valediction Forbidding Mourning what does profanation mean?

A cheapening or degrading

Is tercet a six-line stanza?

No. A tercet is a three-line stanza. A sestet is a six-line stanza.