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Forename Author Surname has written:


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Q: What has the author Forename Author Surname written?
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What has the author Johnny L King written?

Johnny L. King has written: 'Miracode/soundex surname codes'

Textual link to the bibliography entry is usually the author's surname?

The textual link to the bibliography entry is usually the author's surname along with the year of publication. The entries are listed alphabetically by the author's surname.

What is the surname of the author who wrote A Christmas Carol?

A Christmas Carol was written by Charles Dickens.

What has the author Herbert Windsor Hobler written?

Herbert Windsor Hobler has written: 'A preliminary collection of data and histories on the surname Hobler'

What has the author M F Sheppard written?

M. F. Sheppard has written: '1861 Census of Tranmere Surname and Location Index'

What is the surname of the author of Lord of the Rings?


What has the author Alice Blakemore written?

Alice Blakemore has written: 'Williamson County Genealogical Society surname index' -- subject(s): Genealogy, Registers of births

Is there An author whose surname begins with x?

X is a hard one. not yet but u can add and author!

What has the author Author of Eliza Warwick written?

Author of Eliza Warwick. has written: 'Masquerades; or, what you will'

What has the author Robert Riddle Stoddart written?

Robert Riddle Stoddart has written: 'Notice of a recent case in the Court of Session, Scotland, as to the surname and arms of Hunter of Hunterston'

What is author number?

The author number is represented by a number of characters or just one character. They are supposed to represent the author's surname in call number form.

What is the Surname of James Graham sci fi author?