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The Globe Theatre Groundlings stood in the Yard, or pit, to watch the plays being performed. This was the cheapest part of the theatre, there were no seats and the entrance price was 1d which was equivalent to about 10% of a day's wages. The members of the audience who stood in the pit were often referred to as 'Groundlings'. However, due to the hot summer days they were also referred to as 'Stinkards' - for obvious reasons. Many of the yard audiences were apprentices who worked in London. The Globe would have particularly attracted these young people and the were many complaints of apprentices avoiding work in order to go to the theatre - these apprentices would most certainly have been 'Groundlings'. The Groundlings would have watched the plays from the cramped conditions of the 'Yard' or 'Pit' which held up to 500 people. However, the average Elizabethans were much smaller than today's modern man - reducing our perception of the cramped area. Beneath their feet were the cobblestones covered with discarded nutshells and other garbage. Not a comfortable place to watch plays for up to three hours - the groundlings must have really loved the plays shown at the Globe.

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Q: What is a groundling?
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How much did it cost a groundling to see a Shakespeare play?

A penny

What do you call people who stand in the yard of the Globe Theatre?


What were the disadvantages of being a groundling at an Elizabethan playhouse?

You had to keep on standing for hours on end. You were packed in tight with a bunch of people who did not take baths or clean their teeth. Sometimes the actors would spit on you or spill things on you, like real animal blood.

How much are the tickets in the globe theatre?

From 5 pounds in the pit up to 40 pounds or so in the gallery seats. Not all the gallery seats cost the same. Being a groundling is definitely worth it.

What did the globe theatre look like in the 16th century?

It was mainly similar to the modern day equivalent, but it was much more pungent and people would use it as a meeting place to see each other. Businesses would thrive in the busy groundling area, and it was basically a mini-market place. Shakespeare would repeat important parts of the playline, so that the audience would know what was happening in they had missed the first announcement of that part of the plot. People would mill about chatting, and sometimes not really pay any attention to the play at all. In the upper rings of the globe, the richer people would be more apart from the normal crowd, so they would have seats and probably pay more attention to the actors. However, if the groundlings didn't agree with a particular part of the story, they would start shouting and jeering and even throw rotten food at the poor actors. Pickpockets thrived on the unaware groundlings. Hope this is helpful

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How much did it cost a groundling to see a Shakespeare play?

A penny

What was the name given to a poor person who attended a Shakespeare play?

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What do you call people who stand in the yard of the Globe Theatre?


How much did a ticket cost for a groundling in Shakespeare's time?

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What is groundling and why does it realate to William Shakespeare?

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What kinds of people went to the Globe theatre?

All sorts groundling stinkards picker-pockets etc...hope this helps :-)