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The most important aspect of singing Opera is breath control.

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Q: What is most important to opera singers?
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Who was important to opera singers?

they must master the use of diaphragm muscles

Which of these is important to opera singers?

They must master the use of diaphragm muscles.

Most famous female opera singers in the1950s?

maria callas

Who sings opera?

Opera singers sing opera. Here are the different types of opera singers, ranging from highest voice to lowest:Female:SopranoMezzo-sopranoAltoContraltoMale:CountertenorTenorBaritoneBass

Who can you get on opera show?

Usually opera singers

What is the complete subject of the sentence the singers in an opera sometimes sing in different languages?

The complete subject of the sentence is "the singers in an opera."

Who are opera singers J G Wentworth commercial?

I don't know their names but they are legitimate opera singers.

Who is the best male opera singers?

This would be a personal preference but there are many good Opera singers.

What kind of people sings opera?

simple opera singers sing opera no special name though their are typea of opera singers: sopranos altos basses and some i honestly cant remember

Which lady was the opera singer?

A lot of ladies have been opera singers.

Do all opera singers sing in Latin?

All opera singers can sing in Latin if need be - for example a mass or requiem, it is just a matter of learning the words, just as they do for any other item they would sing.There are no operas in Latin! There are many sacred works such as masses and requiems as stated above, but they are not necessarily only sung by opera singers. Many singers specialize in sacred works and never sing opera. And many opera singers choose to sing only opera.Latin has nothing to do with opera.

How hard is it to get into an opera?

If you are talking your local community Opera, it would depend on what sort of competition you have. But on a professional scale, I would say hard as hell. Opera singers are the equivalent of a master violinist or trumpeter. Opera singers usually have spent a greater part of their career training classically to obtain their voices. My guess is that most productions such as the Metropolitan Opera have few singers which they rely on for most major roles. Breaking into the scene I'm sure would be a challenge, it would be obtained through a combination of connections and extreme talent.