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Mando Diao

Dance with somebody

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Q: What song has the lyrics dance everybody dance everybody dance dance dance?
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What is the dance song that has these lyrics in it everybody clap your hands?

Cha cha slide

What song has these lyrics Everybody just rock tonight everybody just dance if you're feelin' iight?

Its by Manafest The Song Is Called 4-3-2-1

Blood on the dance floor lyrics?

to what song?not a real song

What is the title of the dance song that contains the lyrics so DJ stop the sound everybody's jumping electric all around?

in this too, please anyone ?

Squirrel trying to get a nut lyrics in what 80's song?

It's actually a 90s song: C+C Music Factory's "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)"

What song contains the lyrics Yowser yowser yowser?

'Dance Dance Dance' by Chic.

Who sings the song titled everybody dance now?

ah dance factory

What is the song that has the lyrics jump shout everybody down to the ground?

The song with the lyrics jump shout everybody down to the ground is called Shake Your Body by Michael Jackson. The original song was by The Jacksons an came out in 1978.

Where can one listen to Deer Dance lyrics?

One may listen to the song Deer Dance by downloading it from iTunes. The lyrics may be read by using Metro Lyrics. A discussion of the lyrics may be found on Song Meanings.

What is name of the song for Converse Shoes has lyrics of Everybody is a Star?

Winston The Kinks - Everybody's a Star (Starmaker)

What song has the lyrics dance dance?

Could be Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy (link in links section below).

Lyrics of the song - 'song and dance man'?

this is what u have requested for. the lyrics of "song and dance man" the following is the link to the lyrics.. copy and paste it in ur browser and u r there. :)

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