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The Song was Missing You, by Abi. It's amazing, and you can hear it by clicking on the related link below.

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sugababes - about you now

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Q: What song was played when Steph died on Hollyoaks?
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What is the song steph puts on for Sarah in hollyoaks?

Goldfrapp A&E ?

What was the song steph liston to on her juke box in hollyoaks after max died?

She listened to Change by the Sugababes I cry everytime I hear that song now! LOL It makes me think of Max =(

What movie and television projects has Amy Yamazaki been in?

Amy Yamazaki has: Played Agent in "Absolutely Fabulous" in 1992. Played Charlotte Lou in "Hollyoaks" in 1995. Played Charlotte Lau in "Hollyoaks" in 1995. Played Charlotte in "Hollyoaks" in 1995. Played Alison Campbell in "Holby City" in 1999. Played Song Li Harris in "Powers" in 2004. Played Song-Li in "Powers" in 2004. Played Charlotte in "Marigold" in 2005. Played Jas in "Coming of Age" in 2007. Played Charlotte in "Hollyoaks Later" in 2008. Played Gemma in "Mongrels" in 2010.

What is the song played in the hollyoaks advert 8th March 2008?

I think it is The Brunettes - BrunettesAgainstBubblegumYouth

When was Steph Song born?

Steph Song was born on April 19, 1984, in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Is Brenda Song a relation to Steph Song?

No she is not

What was song in hollyoaks April 2008?

I think that may be too long ago to find. If you hear a song you like on there you can go to the Channel 4/Hollyoaks website and go on the playlists, it will show all songs played on each episode. If it's a particular song you should try searching the lyrics you already know. Sorry! Wish I could help more!

What was the song at the end of hollyoaks when Amy Barnes left?

"Goodbye" - Avril Lavigne

What music video did steph pratt go to?

Not too sure which song, but it was by The Fray

What killers song did guy candy from hollyoaks sing on the 20th of November 2010?

Somebody told me

What is the name of the song used in the hollyoaks epsiode during max's funeral with the words all of me?

My Immortal - Evanescence

What song is on the NEW csl advertisement the advertisements got a robot on it?

The song is by Steph and it is called Computer sensing love. You can download it from itunes. Kate