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There is no person of that name in any of Shakespeare's works.

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Q: What work of shakespeare did accused first appear in?
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Was Shakespeare's work first published at his baptism?

No, Shakespeare's work was not first published at his baptism. Shakespeare's plays and poetry were published during his lifetime, with the first collection of his plays published in 1623, seven years after his death. However, it is unclear if Shakespeare himself oversaw the publication of his work, or if they were published by others after his death.

When did Shakespeare write his first book?

Shakespeare's first printed work is thought to have been the poem Venus and Adonis, printed in 1593.

What is the first line of Mark Anthony's funeral oration and what work does it appear in?

Mark Antony: Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him; JULIUS CAESAR by William Shakespeare

What will be Fortinbras's first political action as a King in Shakespeare's Hamlet?

As the King in Shakespeare's Hamlet, Fortinbras's first political action is to appoint people who will work under him.

When was Shakespeares work first published?

Shakespeare's first published work was Venus and Adonis in 1593. His other long poem The Rape of Lucrece was published the next year. About half of the plays were published individually over the years. In 1609 the Sonnets were published. In 1623 the First Folio, the first collection of Shakespeare's plays, was first published. Many of his plays were published for the first time at that time.

What was the place of work of William Shakespeare?

William Shakespeare first worked in Lord Chamberlain Men later called King Men

What was Shakespeare's first work published?

In 1593, a plague outbreak in London caused the theatres to close. Shakespeare had chosen not to leave London, but rather had chosen to stay and put the finishing touches to his first published work, Venus and Adonis.

What did shakespeare do in London to keep his work alive?

Shakespeare did his work in London to keep William Shakespeare alive.

What did Shakespeare first work as?

Nobody knows what his first job was. We have very very little information about that part of his life.

What language did the first printed work from Pennsylvania appear?


What Renaissance ideas did Shakespeare's work address?

What Renaissance ideas did Shakespeare's work address?

How often did Shakespeare work on his plays?

We don't know anything about Shakespeare's work schedule.