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Derek Landy was was born in Lusk and currently lives in Dublin, Ireland.

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Q: Where does Derek Landy live?
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Is Derek Landy Irish?

Yes, Derek Landy is an Irish author.

What is Derek landy's birthday?

Derek Landy was born on the 23rd of October 1974.

How old is Derek landy?


Is the Skulduggery Pleasant movie going to be animated?

No Warner Brothers and Derek Landy plan to do it in live action

What nationality is Derek Landy?

Irish Rupublic

What is Derek landy's personal facebook?

ask him

Who are Derek landy's parents?

steven gerrard

What hobbys does derek landy have?

dan in gy

What inspired derek landy to wright?

his mother

Who wrote the Skulduggery Pleasant novels?

Derek Landy

Is Derek Landy married?

i dont think he is... why? lol

What is Derek landy's first book?

derek landys first book is called Skulduggery Pleasant