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Q: Where the wealthy sat in the Globe Theatre?
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In Shakespeare's Globe Theatre the wealthier sat in the?


What were the people that sat in the pit called at the Globe Theatre?


Did they have seats in the original Globe theatre?

Yes there was seats in the globe theatre but only on the balconies People also sat on the floor and on the actual stage

Where did the posh people sit in the Globe Theatre?

they sat on the top w away from them balls

Describe how the Globe Theatre was arrange were people sit?

the people sat on each otha's laps

Where did the middle class sit at the Globe theatre?

They sat on benchs that were above the groundlings but below the upper-class.

How crowded was the Shakespeare globe?

The Globe's capacity was 1500, but often held over 3000 people. Unless you were wealthy and sat in the balcony, it was standing room only.

Where did the upper class sit at the globe theatre?

the upper class sat in the theatre galleries who would often rent straw pillows to us on the wooden benches

Where could one find a picture of The Globe theatre?

The Globe Theatre is located in London. Google Images provides many pictures of the Globe Theatre. Shakespeare's Globe and the Globe Theatre website also provide pictures of the Globe Theatre.

What are the different types of seating in the Globe Theatre?

There were the groundlings (people who stood on the floor I front of the stage) and the higher class who sat on wooden benches on the three tiers of the theatre

Who went to the globe theatre?

any one who could get there from the royals and they sat in the overtop and the poorest of people and they would stand on the ground

What did the globe theatre used to be called?

the Globe Theatre.