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Q: Which Shakespeare play is based on ch Chaucer's the knight's tale?
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The musical west side story is based on whichplay by shakespeare?

It is based on Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet.

Which Shakespeare play is the film She's the Man based on?

She's the Man is based on the play Twelfth Night.

What is the Verdi opera based on a Shakespeare play?

Falstaff Otello

This 1956 film is based on the Shakespeare play The Tempest?

The 1956 Science fiction film Forbidden Planet is loosely based on Shakespeare's The Tempest.

Where are film adaptation of Shakespeare?

Online, at least some of them. Others in Video Stores and Libraries. You should know that "film adaptation of Shakespeare" includes a broad variety of things, including: 1. A filmed performance of a Shakespeare play 2. A film based on a stage production of a Shakespeare play. 3. A film whose screenplay is essentially the same as a Shakespeare play. 4. A film whose plot is very similar to a Shakesepare play 5. A film which has one or two similarities to a Shakespeare play. 6. A film which has character names similar to those in a Shakespeare play. 7. A film influenced by a phrase from a Shakespeare play. 8. A film of a ballet based on the plot of a Shakespeare play. 9. A film of an opera based on the plot of a Shakespeare play. See the related link for the thousand-plus films which fall into one or other of these categories.

Is Romeo and Julliet a movie or a play?

"Romeo and Juliet" is originally a play written by William Shakespeare. However, there have been various movie adaptations based on the play over the years.

What Shakespeare play is My Own Private Idaho based on?

Henry IV

What Shakespeare play is based on 10 things i hat about you?

"The Taming of the Shrew"

Which Shakespeare play is based upon the shipwreck of a vessel?

the Twelfth Night

Romeo and Juliet written by Tchaoikovsky was based on a play by?

William Shakespeare.

What historian did shakespeare use to write Julius Caesar?

Shakespeare's play is based on Plutarch's Lives of the Greeks and Romans, which Shakespeare almost certainly took at school.

What was the only Best Picture based on a play by William Shakespeare?

"Hamlet," which won the Academy Award for Best Picture of 1948, was based on Shakespeare's play of the same title. But the musical "West Side Story," which was named Best Picture of 1961, was patterned after Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet."