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The Samsung is better.

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2011-04-12 21:24:27
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Q: Which is better sony Bravia kdl-46ex500 1080p 120hz 46-inch lcd hd tv or samsung ln46c630 46-inch 1080p 120 hz lcd hdtv?
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What is better sony bravia or Samsung?


What to look for in buying a LCD tv?

Motion Flow And 1080P go Sony Bravia or Samsung.

What brand of LCD TV has the best picture with a standard definition signal?

panasonic, sony bravia and, samsung

32 LCD Sony Bravia or 32 LCD Samsung. On the Samsung I can choose 1080p for XBOX 360. On the Sony I can only choose up to 1080i. Maybe I take 720p. Which should I pick for Gaming on the 360?

Take the Samsung because p is better than i

Is the Sony tv Bravia a good tv?

Sony television Bravia are good televisions. The Sony Bravia line consists of LCD television sets. They are high-definition televisions. Sony Bravia ranges in prices.

How good a of a television is Bravia?

Sony Bravia is a very good television. Depends on the model of Sony Bravia television that you have in mind to purchase, you can get ratings on them on

What better Sony Bravia or Sony aqueous LCD hdtv?

Bravia. No explanation needed.

Are bravia tvs better than most tvs?

Bravia tvs are better if you have a sony bravia bluray player, Playstation 3, And or a sony bravia surround sound system. If you do not have or do not plan to have those sony products other brand tvs are about the same. here is a video from youtube about bravia sync

Why do movies on your Sony Bravia hdtv look like they are on video tape?

This is a settings issue. It has also occurred with Samsung televisions. Find a Sony website that has a forums section and post your question there with your model number.

Which company manufactures the Bravia 40?

The Bravia 40 is a product made by Sony. This is a type of TV they make for your enjoyment. They make the Bravia in both LCD and LED formats depending on which type you like more.

How does Sony bravia works?

BRAVIA is a subsidiary company under the Japanese electronics giant, Sony. BRAVIA manufactures a range of audio-visual electronics, more famously LCD, LED and 3D HDTVs.

Does every bravia have HDMI?


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