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Q: Who are past miss Detroit winners?
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Who was Miss Coronado past winners?

miss coronado past winner was dolly . she help everyone . she is the miss coronado past winner .

Past winners of miss Michigan since 1970?

Is there a list of past Miss Michigan title holders?

Who are the past winners of the Miss Korea pageant?

The Miss Korea pageant is held annually and selects the representative to the Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Earth pageant. Kim Seo-yeon is the current holder of the title. Some past winners are Han Ji-eun for 2013, Lee Jeong-bin for 2012, and Kim Hye-sun in 2011.

Former winners of miss south Australia contest?

Former miss south Australia winners

Who are the Russian Miss World winners?

The Miss World winners from Russia were:1992: Julia Kourotchkina2008: Ksenia Sukhinova

How many Miss America winners are from Texas?

There are three Miss America winners from Texas: 1942, 1971, 1975

What are the names of past miss Nevada's?

The current Miss Nevada is Nia Sanchez. Part winners include Sarah Chapman, Julianna Erdesz, Veronica Grabowski, Gina Giacinto and Ashley Huff

How many miss Texas winners?

Since the founding of the Miss Texas Scholarship Foundation, there have been 77 Miss Texas winners (as of November 2014). Of those, 3 have gone on to win Miss America.

How many Miss Universe winners are from Trinidad?

2 Miss Universe winners are from Trinidad & Tobago:1977: Janelle Commissiong1998: Wendy Fitzwilliam

Who were previous Miss America winners?

There are many previous Miss America winners. The last five winners were Mallory Hagan, Laura Kaeppeler, Teresa Scanlan, Caressa Cameron, and Katie Stam.

How many Miss America winners are from Kentucky?

Miss Kentucky has won Miss America once, in 2000.

Who were the Miss America winners in 1956?

The winner of the 1956 Miss America pageant was Sharon Ritchie, Miss Colorado.