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Anyone who has memorized to book of 2,000 knock-knock jokes and regular jokes

someone who can list 4000000000000000 websites of jokes

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Q: Who can list the most jokes?
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What are the most popular funny jokes?

Knock knocks jokes

Where can one find more information about Scott Ski jokes?

Wikipedia has an article about Scott Ski jokes, they have a complete list of jokes that are sure to tickle your funny. The jokes are original and 100% guaranteed to make you smile.

Are knock knock jokes the most liked jokes?

No there not at all not one bit. They are horrible. ^ LOL, most accurate answer ever! But anyway, I don't know about the most liked, but they are the most used punchline jokes.

Do Mexicans tell jokes?

People of most races and cultures tell jokes.

In what countries are Sardar jokes most popular?

If you want to know what countries are Sardar jokes most popular, it is India and its neighboring countries. These very funny jokes are very enjoyable.

Scientists have discovered that which type of jokes are most memorable?

jokes that make fun of illegal Mexicans

How many Chuck Norris jokes are there and can you list them all and which websites they are found at?

What profession has the most jokes made about it?


Where can one get Hindi SMS jokes?

One can get Hindi SMS jokes on a website by the name of Hindi SMS jokes. Most of the jokes are not adult material and can be enjoyed by all people who like a good joke.

Where can one find good jokes?

You can find good jokes on one of the most popular website. This website is comedy central. The website has tons of funny jokes to tell and share jokes for sports, etc.

What are some good jokes about talent shows?

I think the most best jokes about talent shows are that there isn't any jokes about talent shows. Ask a comedian.

What does 'bromas pesadas' mean in English?

The common translation of 'bromas pesadas' is 'jokes'. But only a exaggerated form of jokes, like heavy jokes, pranks, sometimes even dangerous jokes. Most of the time these are also humiliating for the person that undergoes these pranks or jokes.

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