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Anthony Horowitz's father's name is unknown at this time. Anthony has stated that his father was a successful businessman in London.

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Mr. "Fixer" Horowitz

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Q: Who is Anthony horowitz' father?
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Who was Anthony horowitz's father?

A man called Mark Horowitz (not the science guy!)

In which year did Anthony horowitz die?

Anthony horowitz the author is still alive and well. His father died when abhoy was 22

What is Anthony horowitz's real name?

ummm...Anthony Horowitz.....

What is Anthony Horowitz's full name?

Anthony John Horowitz

What is Anthony horowitz's religion?

Anthony Horowitz family is jewish and so is he.

Who are Anthony Horowitz's parents?

mama horowitz and dadda horowitz

What is Anthony Horowitz's birthday?

Anthony Horowitz was born on April 5, 1956.

What is Anthony horowitz's middle name?

His full name is Anthony Horowitz.

What is Anthony Horowitz's wife's name?

Anthony Horowitz's wife's name is Jill Green.

What are Anthony Horowitz hobbies?

anthony horowitz anjoys many things

Is david horowitz related to Anthony horowitz?


What is Anthony horowitz webpage?