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The first Miss America from Kentucky is Heather Renee French. She was crowned September 18, 1999.

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Q: Who is the first Miss America in Kentucky?
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How many Miss America winners are from Kentucky?

Miss Kentucky has won Miss America once, in 2000.

Who won miss America 2000?

Heather French (Miss Kentucky)

Who is going to win 2013 Miss America?

Miss District of ColumbiaMiss Kentucky, Jessica Casebolt

Who won the 2000 miss America contest?

Heather French of Kentucky

Why is Miss Kentucky representing Miss US in the Miss World Pageant?

Do you mean the girl who is also going to miss america. I'm confused

Did Miss Illinois win Miss America in 2000?

No, the winner of the 2000 Miss America pageant was Heather Renee French, Miss Kentucky. Miss Illinois (Jade Smalls) was the 1st runner up.

Who was the first Miss America?

Miss Washington Margaret Gorman was the first Miss America in 1921.

What year was the first deaf Miss America crowned?

Heather Whitestone, Miss Alabama, was the first deaf Miss America, crowned at the 1995 Miss America pageant.

When did the first Miss America get crowned?

The first Miss America was crowned in 1921. She was Margaret Gorman, Miss Washington, DC.

Who was Hawaii's first Miss America?

The first Miss Hawaii to be crowned Miss America was Carolyn Suzanne Sapp, in 1992.

Mary Campbell was 1st miss America to?

She was the first and only Miss America to win Miss America twice first in 1922 then again in 1923.

Who became the first Miss America in 1983?

The winner of the 1983 Miss America pageant was Debra Maffett, Miss California, but she was NOT the first Miss America.The winner of the first Miss America pageant in 1921 was Margaret Gorman, Miss Washington, DC.

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