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Q: Why did jeff dunham and paige get divorced?
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Who got the prius when Jeff and paige dunham divorced?

Jeff Dunham kept the prius and his Hummer H1.

Jeff dunham's wife?

Jeff Dunham's current wife is named Audrey Murdick. They have been married since 2012. However, his ex wife is named Paige Dunham. They had gotten divorced in 2010.

Who is Jeff dunham's ex wife?

Paige Dunham

What did Paige Dunham get in her Divorce Settlement from Jeff Dunham?


Why did Jeff dunham get divorced?

Jeff Dunham was away 3/4th of every year on tour. It took a toll on his marriage. Additionally, Jeff started cheating on his wife with current girlfriend Audrey Murdick in 2008. The couple are still seeing each other. His divorce with Paige was finalized in May 2010.

Does Jeff Dunham have a wife?

Jeff Dunham had a wife. He was married for 14 years to Paige Brown Dunham. The couple separated in November of 2009 and their divorce was finalized in May of 2010. They have three girls together.

How many times has jeff dunham been married?

Jeff Dunham has been married 2 times his first was Paige Dunham (1994-2008) and his second wife is Audrey Murdick from (2012-present)

Why is Jeff Dunham divorcing his wife Paige?

The Dunhams divorced due to issues of incompatibilty.Obviously.They are both now in relationships with more compatible partners. Wish them well ;-)Read more: Discuss:Did_Jeff_Dunham_cheat_on_his_wife

What is the birth name of Paige Dunham?

Paige Dunham's birth name is Paige Brown.

Is Jeff dunham gay with brian haner?

Jeff Dunham, a comedic ventriloquist, is straight. He has a wife. Correction he is now divorced Whether Jeff Dunham is married or divorced proves almost nothing as to his sexuality. Also, whether he's on tour with another man or not, should be enough implication to a relationship.

Who gets custody of Jeff dunham's kids?

Jeff's ex-wife Paige has custody of their kids! Jeff has visitation every other weekend if he is in town.

How did Jeff dunham get custody of his kids?

He doesn't have custody of his kids!! His ex-wife Paige does. Jeff has visitation every other weekend.