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Alberto Larran de Vere has written:


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Q: What has the author Alberto Larran de Vere written?
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What has the author Vere Kneeland written?

Vere Kneeland has written: 'Kneland of Kneland and others of 'yat ilk''

Who are two of the people that scholars claim to be the actual author of Shakespeare's plays?

Most scholars would say: the two most likely authors of Shakespeare's plays are William Shakespeare and William Shakespeare. However some people claim in the face of all the evidence that the plays were written by someone other than Shakespeare, and the most popular candidate for this is Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford. (Christopher Marlowe and Sir Francis Bacon have also been mentioned)

What two people are credited with possibly writing Shakespeare's plays?

Some seventy-odd people have been suggested as possible authors of Shakespeare's plays including Sir Francis Bacon, Edward de Vere and Christopher Marlowe. However it is virtually certain that the plays were in fact written by Shakespeare.

Who are Shakespeare's supposedely ghost writers?

It was said that Christopher Marlowe was a Shakespeare writer. It was also said Edward de Vere wrote under a pen name of Shakespeare. And of course there is Francis Bacon.Of course there are problems in that both Marlowe and de Vere died before Shakespeare's best work appeared (in the case of Marlowe, before any of Shakespeare's significant work appeared). And as for Bacon, the majority of his writing style was so totally different from Shakespeare's that it is inconcievable he could have written Shakespeare's plays.And of course there is the fact that there is no good reason to believe that anyone other than Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare.

How are William Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth I related?

The author Paul Streitz, director of the Oxford Institute, theorizes that William Shakespeare was the pen name of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford in the book "Oxford, Son of Queen Elizabeth I." His theory is as follows: After the death of her father, 12 year old Elizabeth lived in the court of her step-mother, Katherine Parr. Thomas Seymour proposed to Elizabeth, but she rejected him, so he instead married Parr. When Parr was 6 months pregnant, she and Seymour moved to Sudeley Castle, leaving the now 14 year old Elizabeth in seclusion. History records Elizabeth fell ill that year, 1548, but no mention of what illness. Apparently Streitz found some historical documentation from a midwife, brought to Cheshunt (where Elizabeth was in seclusion) to care for a 'fair young lady' who'd given birth. Streitz further claims to have found testimony of "gross impropriety" taken by Seymour with his step-daughter, Elizabeth. Katherine Parr died in childbed, and the child was supposedly raised by John de Vere, 16th Earl of Oxford. Streitz also points out that later, in 1571, the line of succession was changed by Elizabeth I's councellor William Cecil to name that child, named Edward de Vere, as the heir to her throne. If Streitz is correct, that would mean the true royal family of England would in fact be the descendants of William Shakespeare via the Tudor line. Of course, this theory, lacking as it does any credible evidence to support it, is either ignored or dismissed fairly summarily by almost all scholars. Christopher Paul, himself a believer in the theory that de Vere wrote Shakespeare's works, has written a detailed article outlining the flaws in Streitz's book. Most scholars would take the view that even if Edward de Vere happened to be Elizabeth's son (or as Streitz would have us believe, both her son and paramour!), it is no support for the idea that de Vere wrote Shakespeare's works, which most of them reject. ANSWER: The above is like the English version of America's many conspiracy theories. People love to read about them but there is no evidence whatsoever. The De Vere wrote Shakespeare theory has less evidence than Roswell aliens. So the short answer is that William Shakespeare of Stratford-Upon-Avon who's name appears on the works of William Shakespeare is NOT related to Elizabeth I. She was however his patron and he performed his plays for her at court.

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