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Q: What is an education and career-focused opportunity that connects classroom academics with supervised work experience?
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What has the author Margaret Njoki Kamau written?

Margaret Njoki Kamau has written: 'The experience of women academics in Kenya' -- subject(s): Women college teachers, Sex discrimination in higher education

What did critics say was William Shakespeare's most famous play?

Most academics would argue Hamlet is Shakespeare's greatest and most famous work. In popular culture, it would probably be considered Romeo and Juliet. Macbeth is also a very famous work of his.Shakesperae was also know for his tragedies.

What are two controversies in Shakespeare's life?

There are a number of controversies about Shakespeare's life and work. Many of them have the air of having been invented to give academics something to write about. Some of these controversies include whether works attributed to Shakespeare were really written by some other author, or by Shakespeare in collusion with some other author, or whether some plays attributed to some other author were really written by Shakespeare instead. Then there are controversies about Shakespeare's politics, religion and sexual preferences, all of which are futile since we have absolutely no information about Shakespeare's private life or opinions. Arguments about why Shakespeare left his wife the second-best bed or who was "Mr. W.H." to whom the sonnets were dedicated, or the identity of people to whom the sonnets appear to be addressed, or just how sad Shakespeare was about Hamnet's death, or what colour his hair was are just a small sample of the kinds of topic which provide the opportunity for hours of spirited argument and no possible conclusion.

What was the controversy surrounding William Shakespeare?

There is an entire industry devoted to the study of Shakespeare and his works, and controversies are their meat and potatoes. Usually the controversies people raise are started by someone wanting Shakespeare to conform to a particular pattern: "Wouldn't it be cool if Shakespeare were Roman Catholic/gay/illiterate/of royal blood/a libertine/a criminal/a spy/a romantic/female/black?" Controversies can be started by alleging that any random sixteenth-century picture of an "unknown man" was really a picture of Shakespeare. More sane academics argue about how Shakespeare reacted when Hamnet died, or which exact books he borrowed his plots from, or which "anonymous" Elizabethan plays he might have had a hand in. Was that really his handwriting in the manuscript of Sir Thomas More? Did he write part of Peele's Edward I? The list is unending, fortunately for those who have made a career of it.

Is Day Star by Rita Dove an example of modernism in poetry?

Poetry is always modern. Every new poem is an advancement from the old. Poetry has some defined characteristics which poets have observed strictly through ages which are metrical form, perfection in rhythm and metre and loftiness in ideas. It also has to essentially contain music inborn. We know these are hard for untrained and lazy intellects to observe while writing poetry. Therefore, naturally, to ease things, they declared some kind of independence from these strict and essential ingredients and termed their rogue creations modern. Dreary academics taught students through decades that there is something loosely known as modern, ultra modern and neo-age poetry and inculcated this virtual state of poetical evolution such strong that today we really believe there is such a thing as modern poetry. There are, and have always been, only two forms of poetry- well-written and badly-written; one adheres to form and the other doesn't.

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