10 words related to physics

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Mechanics, energy, sound, light, magnetism, electricity, force, motion, momentum, matter (solids, liquids and gases).

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Q: 10 words related to physics
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What is the 10 words related to physics?


Give 10 words that associated with physics?

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Is physics related to society why?

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How is physics related to bowlinghow is physics related to bowling?

Physics is related to the moving of masses. Bowling is the moving of MASS ( ball) in the moving of masses (Pins).

Is metal related to physics?

Everything is the universe is related to physics. Physics is the science of all matter and energy, which includes metals.

How is volleyball related to physics?

Volleyball is related to physics because of the science involved in the game. The laws of force, gravity, distance, and pressure are all related to physics.

Is the solar system related to motion and physics?

Yes. Everything in the Universe is related to motion and physics.

What is the definition of physics and how physics related to economic?

Physics is the science of motion and does not have anything to do with economics.

How is blowing bubbles related to physics?

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What is the physics of chemistry of the forces of matter?

A group of science-related English words that, together, manage to make no sense whatsoever.

What are some of the best physics games on the web?

There is a list of top 10 physics games on phyfun games website. You can click the link in our 'Related Links' section below to visit the website.

Is cohesion related to physics?

yep,cohesion is related to physics. cohesion is the force that keeps the molecules of a substance intact.