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cooper, gold, aluminum, silver and iron are 5 good conductors of heat.

cooper is used in electric wire

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Q: 5 good conductors of heat and what its used for?
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What are the top 5 conductors of heat in the kitchen?

Glasswares, except Borosilicate galsswares and wax items can be good conductors of heat usually found in kitchen.

5 example of good conductor of heat?

Some good conductores of heat are metal, iron, gold, silver, aluminum, brass, silicoborates, wax, steal, copper, nickel, and water.

What are the 5 bad conductors of heat?

wood, plastic, water, vacuum and air.

What are properties of metal?

Metals have a number of properites. Metals are elements which have from one to three electrons in their valence shell. A metallic bond is formed by the sharing of electrons by the entire mass of atoms, in the form of an electron cloud. Metals are good electrical conductors, good heat conductors, generally strong and flexible. Some metals are highly flammable. They are shiny.

What are 5 conductors of heat?

Paper Wood Plastic Glass Cloth etc........(almost all things around you)

Good conductors of heat?

-Cooking utensils, kettles, saucepans and boilers are usually made of aluminum or stainless steel where direct heating is involved. -Soldering iron rods are made of iron with the tip made of copper because copper is a much better conductor of heat than iron. -Heat exchangers such as those used in a laundry enable precious fuel to be saved

Uses of metals and non-metals?

Used as insulating material around wire cables since they do not conduct electricity. Used to make pan handles as they are poor conductors of heat. Used to make pan handles as they are poor conductors of heat.

What are five examples of conduction?

1. length of metals will be increased. 2. mercury is used in thermometer mass thermometric liquid. 3. cooking vessels are made up of metals as they are good conductors of heat. 4. copper tubing is used in automatic radiators. 5.tip of the soldering rod is made up of copper.

How many conductors are there?


How many sound conductors are there?


List of good and bad conductor of electricity?

Good conductors conduct electrical current very easily because of their free electrons. Some common good conductors are copper, aluminum, gold, and silver.Bad conductors (or insulators) oppose electrical current and make poor conductors. Some common insulators or bad conductors are glass, air, plastic, rubber, and wood.Conductors have a very low resistance to electrical current while insulators or bad conductors have a very high resistance to electrical current.

Name three conductors?

There are a great many conductors in the world. These conductors can include musical conductors and electrical conductors for example.