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1 unit.

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equal to the initial momentum of the putty. This is based on the principle of conservation of linear momentum, which states that the total momentum before a collision is equal to the total momentum after the collision, assuming no external forces are acting on the system.

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Q: A piece of putty moving with 1 unit of momentum strikes to a heavy bowling ball that is initially at rest After the putty sticks to the ball both are set in motion with a combined momentum that is?
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What A train car has a mass of 10,000 kg and is moving at +3.0 m/s. It strikes an identical train car that is at rest. The train cars combine.?

The momentum of the first train car is 30,000 kgm/s, and the momentum of the second train car is 0 kgm/s since it is at rest. When they combine, the total momentum is 30,000 kg*m/s. The final velocity of the combined train cars can be calculated using the total momentum and the total mass of the combined train cars.

Is momentum destroyed when a falling ball strikes the earth?

Momentum is conserved in a closed system, so when a falling ball strikes the Earth, the Earth will experience an equal and opposite force from the ball, resulting in a transfer of momentum. The total momentum of the system (ball and Earth) remains the same before and after the collision.

Which if Newton's laws is related to transfer of momentum when a bat strikes a ball?

Newton's third law is related to the transfer of momentum when a bat strikes a ball. This law states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. When the bat exerts a force on the ball, the ball exerts an equal force back on the bat, resulting in the transfer of momentum.

What is the best example if transfer of momentum?

One of the best examples of transfer of momentum is when a cue ball strikes a stationary billiard ball, causing the stationary ball to move while the cue ball slows down or stops. This transfer of momentum demonstrates the principle of conservation of momentum in action.

A 1000 kg car traveling at 9 ms east strikes a stationary 2000 kg truck They interlock as a result of the collision and move off as one What is their speed?

Their combined momentum before the collision is (1000 kg * 9 m/s) + (0) = 9000 kgยทm/s east. Since the vehicles move off together, their combined momentum after the collision is equal to the momentum before the collision. The total mass after collision is 3000 kg. Therefore, their speed after the collision would be 9000 kgยทm/s รท 3000 kg = 3 m/s east.

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