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Yes. Glass masters is a good glass repair company. Some of their positive attributes are their reasonable price, awesome customer service, and they get the job doe well.

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2012-12-11 21:10:58
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Q: Are glass masters a good glass repair company?
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How do you repair scratched glass?

The best way to repair glass is by grinding and polishing. This can be done with certain types of abrasives and cerium oxide. Check this company out. They look like they get pretty good results from what I can see on their site. Hope that helped.

Where can I get auto glass replaced?

The local dealer for your vehicle's make can certainly do this using OEM glass. You can also use one of the many franchised shops, either one specializing in glass repair or a general service shop for this repair. If you're using insurance, your agent or company may have good recommendations, as well.

What is a good name for a glass company?

Simply Streakless Glass Co.

What is a good place for glass repair?

Allstar glass. They have numerous locations throughout California, and are mobile! They will come to you, which is always a good thing. Call ahead, give them your make and model of the vehicle, and they'll set up an appointment right then for installation. I have had good experience with this company, and would recommend it.

Where can I go to get my auto glass repaired?

You can look in your local yellow pages or to find a good glass repair shop. There are many types of glass repair shops and it should be easy to find a decent one in your area.

Where can I find locations offering auto glass repair?

This question is great! I recommend Safelite for auto glass repair. I recommend this because you can trust them to do the job right and to fix your car's glass. They also come when it is good for your schedule!

Where can I find information about broken auto glass repair?

If you want to find information about broken auto glass repair, I would suggest you go to Dave's Automobile Repair Shop. They have really good deals on window repair and can fix any window you give them.

Where can you find a good rug repair company?

Kosker Traditional Rug Repair is a good rug repair company based in New York. They can do a variety of jobs including kilim and rug repair, cleaning and restoration. Their website has clear instructions on what is needed for you rug.

Where can I find a good auto glass repair shop? will let you search your area to find a good repair shop. They also will provide you with an address and a phone number for your convienance.

What company in Houston offers chimney repair?

There is a good company in Huston called brick chimney repair. They offer the best workers and garentee your chimney will look good as new. Hope this will help you in your search.

What Is a good excuse to get a free repair for an iPod with broken glass?

if by free repair you mean warranty... just let me tell you that it wont matter how good your excuse is, warranty dont cover that!

Where can I get good windshield repair?

Since the location of you is unknown, Safelite Auto Glass is your best bet. They provide windshield repairs and also offer instant quotes before you request the fix. Safelite Auto Glass is a well known company throughout the nation, as well as trusted.

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