Are stairs an inclined plane

Updated: 4/28/2022
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YeS stairs are an inclined plane

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Q: Are stairs an inclined plane
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What are the examples of inclined plane?

example of inclined plane

Are stairs a inclined plane?

Yes. Since an inclined plane is slanted, the stairs fit the definition. Another example of an inclined plane would be the seats of a stadium.

Are stairs an example of an inclined plane?


Is a car an example of inclined plane?

No. There is no pivot in an inclined plane.

What are the two types of inclined plane?

ladders,ramps,and stairs

What makes stairs an inclined plane?

Stairs are an inclineed plane because it is a slanted surface and it is easie to walk on stairs than to jump 3 meters in the air

What is a inclined plane used as?

an inclined plan can be a ramp of some sort like stairs or a wheelchair ramp.

What are 5 examples of an inclined plane in use?


Are stairs a simple or compound machine?

Wedge and inclined plane

Why ar stairs a inclined plane?

a stair is an inclined plane because it can make it eaiser for you to walk on it to get where you need inclined planes and other simple machines or even compound machines make our life eaiser

What does a inclined-plane do?

The purpose of an inclined plane is to be able to get up stairs and steps without having to step up onto them. It sits over the steps and provides a smooth angled surface to walk up and down on.

Is a hammer a inclined plane?

Yes, a hammer is a inclined plane. It's head, is the inclined plane.