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maintain a safe cushion of space ahead and behind your vehicle

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Q: As you enter the deceleration lane or the exit ramp slow down and?
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A lane in which vehicles exit and enter an expressway is called a?

Deceleration lane AKA, Ramp

What is the lane serving as an exit from the expressway?

deceleration lane

What is a weave lane?

A weave lane is the part of the highway or freeway where both an entrance and exit exist. It is called this because cars will be weaving in and out of lanes to either enter or exit.

Can you cross over the double line to enter or exit the car pool lane?

From the pool lane in California can you cross over when you have a white line and next to it is two yellow lines to get to the outside lane? <><><><><> Can't answer for California, but in New York the answer is no - you may not cross a double solid line to enter or exit a car pool (HOV) lane. I suspect the answer is the same for California.

You can enter or exit the carpool lane when?

Entering and exiting the carpool lane on the freeway is regulated by the type of line on the right hand side of the lane. The driver can enter or exit the lane only when the lane is not bordered by a white solid line.

How do you exit if you are driving in lane 1 of a 4 lane freeway?

SAFELY merge into and through the slower lanes of traffic. If you cannot do so before your exit is reached, continue on the next exit by driving in Lane 4 - exit there and then return one exit to your original destination.

What is the lane that is an exit from the expressway called?

The number one lane

What is the deceleration lane?

A short lane at the end of an entrance ramp that allows entering traffic to build up speed, before merging in to into main travel lanes.

Lane serving as an exit from the expressway?


What is a Deceleration lane?

The portion of the roadway adjoining the main traveled way consisting of tapers, widened areas

What name is a road with one entrance and an exit called?

A lane

What actors and actresses appeared in Right Lane Must Exit - 2011?

The cast of Right Lane Must Exit - 2011 includes: Michele Gauthier as Sylvia Meysam Motazedi as Charlie