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The same frequency and the same amplitude but inverse. This would be a tricky accomplishment, not sure if it can be done perfectly but I'm sure it can be done partially. To visualize this, you can throw rocks in a pond and watch the ripples and imagine two ripples the same size and frequency but of opposite polarity (that is, the peak of one ripple hits the trough of the other ripple such that they cancel each other out). If you have a method of doing this perfectly, please let me know (we could get very rich ;-) TommyTrouble

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2006-04-19 18:39:43
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Q: Can you make a sound inaudible by another sound with the same frequency?
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What sound does a cassowary make?

The cassowary makes a deep, booming, "thrumming" sound. The frequency can be very low, down to 23 Hertz. At this depth it is almost inaudible to humans who can, on average, hear from 20 to 20000 hertz. It is thought that low frequencies are heard better amidst the dense vegetation of the rainforest.

What makes frequency change?

To make sound frequency change alter the pitch.

What sound waves make high pitched sounds?

High frequency sound waves.

What is frequency compensation?

Frequency compensation is a technique used in amplifiers. It basically controls the sound of the amplifier to make it sound clear and free of positive feedback.

In a stringed instrument the sound frequency of a particular string can be increased by?

Tightening the string will make its' frequency higher.

What sound waves make low pitched sound?

Pitch is affected by the frequency and wavelength of a sound wave. When the frequency is lower there are not as many waves per second, and the wavelength becomes longer. A low pitch is made by the low frequency and long wavelength of a sound wave.

What sound does a longitudinal wave make?

It depends on the wavelength and frequency of the wave.

What make some sound louder than other?

the frequency, probably

What makes change?

To make sound frequency change alter the pitch.

How does a frequency of sound heard change?

i think it is D. make no change

What is pitch or frenqency?

pitch and frequency is a type of sound, that helps it make it louder.

What make sound higher or lower pitch?

frequency hunny, what grade are you in it is makes,*

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