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Q: Can you measure the sugar content of a liquid with a laser pointer?
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What is a military class 4 laser?

From what it seems, its a laser pointer.

What is the difference between a laser pointer and an infrared laser pointer?

An infrared pointer uses light that is mainly in the infrared spectrum, and so is mostly invisible to humans. A laser pointer in general refers to any device using a beam of light to mark an object. Both use the same basic technology. The only difference is the wave length. IR lasers are outside of the visual spectrum where as standard laser pointers are within the visual spectrum.

What does a photon cannon look like?

The simplest example is a laser pointer.

What are the example of liquid laser?

tunable-dye laser

How will you measure the thickness of human hair?

If you get a normal red laser pointer, you can pretty easily measure it at home. The wavelength of a red laser pointer is typically around 670 nanometers, the one you select may state differently; make note of it. Take one of your hairs and suspend it in front of the laser somehow, but make sure its exactly 1 meter from a flat surface. When you turn on the laser, you should see a dashed line pattern on the board. Measure the distance from the center bright spot to the farthest bright spot you can see and count how many this is. The thickness of your hair is (laser wavelength)*(distance to flat surface)/(distance to bright spot). Then multiply this number by the number of bright spots you counted. So, lets say i could count up to 4 bright spots before it got too dim; i measure the distance from the center to this one to be 5 cm; laser is 670nm and my flat surface is 1 meter away. My thickness is (670*10^-9)*(1)*4/ (.05) = 54*10^-6 meters = 54 micrometers

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Instrument used to measure the thickness of hair?

Micrometer caliper

What is a USB laser pointer?

a USB laser pointer is simply a laser pointer powered by the USB socket.

How do you put the batteries in a laser pointer?

how do you our in batteries on a laser pointer

Can you change the color of a laser pointer?

No. Each laser pointer uses a laser that emits a specific color. the only way to get a different color would be to get a different laser.

How does one use a Green Laser Pointer II?

A Green Laser Pointer is very simple to use. In order to see the green laser from the pointer, you press the button and point it onto an opaque surface.

What is a military class 4 laser?

From what it seems, its a laser pointer.

Where would I buy a laser pointer?

You can buy a laser pointer in many places. If you are looking to buy a laster pointer online, you can buy one on Amazon. If you are looking to buy a laser pointer in person, you can buy one at your local Staples or your local Best Buy.

Will a laser pointer work at laser tag?

No it won't. Laser pointer simply emit a laser beam whereas laser tag systems use other methods to register tags. The laser in laser tag is for effect. The actual laser doesn't tag the pack.

Is a laser pointer a ruby laser?

Not usually. Laser pointers are usually diode lasers.

When was the laser pointer invented?


What is a laser pointer made of?


Can a laser pointer penetrate walls?