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Here Energy signals are limited but power signals can exist to infinite distance. Non periodic signals are energy signals while power signals are periodic.

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Q: Define energy and power signal
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Is ramp signal is energy or power signal?

no,ramp signal is neither energy nor power signal... because ramp signal is infinit energy and power

How you can determine whether signal is power signal or energy signal?

A signal x(t) is called an energy signal , if the energy is finite and the power is zero.A signal x(t) is called an power signal , if the power is finite and the energy is infinite.

What is power signal and what is energy signal?

Those signals which have finite energy and zero power known as energy signal..Those signals which have infinite energy and finite power known as power signal..

Can a power signal be an energy signal?

a signal can never be both energy & power signal because they are mutually exclusive

Is ramp signal energy or power signal?

Ramp is neither energy nor power signal because it has infinite energy as well as infinite power!

Unit step signal is energy or power signal?

The unit step signal is a Power signal. Since when we find the power it comes to 1/2 (i.e finite value). And when we find its energy, we got INFINITY. If a signal has energy as infinity and power as a finite non-zero value, then it is a power signal, not an energy signal.

Is exponential signal an energy signal or power signal?

If the signal is not bounded by a step function, then an exponential signal is neither a power nor an energy signal. So the answer is neither.

Is sinc signal an energy signal?

No because it has finite power therefore infinite energy => not an energy signal

Is ramp function is energy signal or power signal? is neither energy nor power signal . Rampis neither energy nor power signalbecause it has infinite energy as well as infinite power.....saket kumar (electronics & communication engineer),BMSCE MUKTSAR (PUNJAB).

Why any signal with finite energy will have zero power?

in energy signal power iz zero according to this equation P=E/2T

Is impulse function is an energy signal or a power signal or both Explain?

it can not be both!

How the energy and power of the random signal can be calculated?

i dont no

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