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Diffraction is the tendency of light to spread around corners.

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Q: Diffraction is the tendency of light to?
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What is the diffraction of light waves?

Diffraction of light waves is caused by the density of the medium through which the light is passing. Diffraction results when light travels from rarer to denser medium.

What is penetration of light into a region of geometrical shadow called?


What is optical diffraction limit?

Diffraction is the bending of the light rays at small aperture

Why does a diffraction grating will separate while light into colors?

A diffraction grating does not disperse light into its component colors. However, a prism does. A diffraction grating simply causes light to diffract and display an interference pattern on a screen.

How do you apply the diffraction of light in the real life?

The diffraction of light in the real life can be seen as a rainbow pattern on a DVD or CD. The closely spaced tracks function as diffraction grating. A credit card's hologram is another example diffraction light application in real life. The grating structure on the card produces the desired diffraction pattern.

Does the intensity of light affect the diffraction pattern?

No. The diffraction pattern does depend on the frequency, though.

What is the diffraction of light?

Light does not always travel in st. lines. it bends arround an obstacle if its size smaller than the wavelength of the light wave.This is called diffraction

What kind of pattern of light would you get if you shone monochromatic light on a diffraction grating?

If you shone monochromatic light on a diffraction grating it would alternate bright and dark bands. Only white light white light shone through a diffraction grating would produce a band of colors.

What is diffraction and how does it relate to the behavior of light as a wave?

Diffraction means bending. Okay. Bending of what? Bending of waves. Waves may be sound wave, or waves on the surface of water and even light wave. Bending at? Bending at the sharp edges of the obstacle on the way of movement of the wave. If suppose light is not a wave then diffraction phenomenon may not be possible. The very diffraction phenomenon establishes once again that light is a wave.

What are the changes in diffraction pattern if monochromatic light is replaced by white light?

Then each of the many different frequencies will have its own, and different, diffraction pattern.

Why does diffraction of light support the idea that light is made of waves?

Diffraction is a typical phenomenon for all sorts of waves. So is interference - another clue that light is made of waves.

Why is diffraction of sound waves more easily observed than diffraction of light waves?

sound waves travel fast than light waves