Does sound rise up

Updated: 8/9/2023
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Not entirely sure what you mean with "sound go up"; if the amplitude goes up, you will perceive the sound as louder.

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yes, it does. Example: If you were on a balcony, and saw your friend, and she scremed ''HI!'' The sound would rise up to you and be known as echo. Therefore echo is a form rising sound.

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Q: Does sound rise up
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What is the increase in the velocity of sound in the air for 1 degree Celsius rise in temperature?

For 1 degree Celsius rise in temperature in air the speed of sound goes up by 0.60 m = 60 cm.

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What is the cause of sound energy?

Movement of a surface. In other words kinetic energy gives rise to sound energy.

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Another term referring to loudness or volume is?

If you are referring to loudness of sound, then 'decibel' is a way of describing the loudness of sound. Rise in 10 decibel should mean rise of about 10 folds the initial level.

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Rise up - but not much.

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What does the presence of phase distortion in sound waves gives rise to?

Harmonic distortion/resonance

Why the speed of sound dicrease with rise in temperature?

The question is wrong. With rising temperature the speed of sound is also rising. Air temperature affects the speed of sound. The formula to find the speed of sound in air is as follows: c = 331 m/s + 0.6 m/s * T (°C) c is the speed of sound and T is the temperature of the air. One thing to keep in mind is that this formula finds the average speed of sound for any given temperature. The pitch of woodwind instruments goes up, when the temperature goes up.