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the sandpaper has more friction

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Q: Does two pieces of sandpaper have more friction or two pieces of notebook paper?
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What is notebook paper?

Notebook paper is paper that you can write notes on and maybe in a book with other pieces of notebook paper

What are examples of low friction materials?

Some examples of relatively high friction surfaces are: sand paper, grass, and asphalt. In general, the rougher the surface, the more friction it has.

What is an example of friction?

friction is what makes it hard to rub two pieces of sand paper together

What paper boat floats the best copy paper notebook paper construction paper?

I used notebook paper, card stock, photo paper, and computer paper. Notebook paper floated the longest.

What formula do you use to determine How much land a billion pieces of notebook paper covers?

about 12 million square feet.

How do you make a flower out of notebook paper?

How do you make a rose out of notebook paper

What is the coefficient of static friction for wood on paper?

It's not a matter of "how much" friction paper has. When talking about friction, you have a friction coefficient, which is determined by a lot of factors: Surface, surface area in contact, pressure applied, and more. There may be a formula out there to predetermine the friction two surfaces might have, but honestly just doing some tests yourself would be better. You also need to specify what kind of paper, because even "notebook paper" isn't specific enough, as I know different companies' paper feels different to the touch.

What is the width of notebook paper?

what is the width of a notebook

Why is garnet paper better than sand paper?

Garnet paper IS sandpaper -_-

Why is notebook paper called filler paper?

It is called filler paper because it is used to fill a notebook or binder.

What minerals are in Sand-Paper?

Traditionally, sandpaper was made of paper impregnated with tiny crystals of quartz or garnet. The finer the particles, the smoother the sandpaper was. While that type of sandpaper is still widely available, most modern sandpaper is made with aluminum oxide, which is much longer lasting.

Which one is correct 'course sandpaper' or 'coarse sand paper'?

The correct one is "coarse sandpaper".