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Both energies as well as rotational energy are quantized. Electronic energy transitions are associated with short wave radiation, vibrational energy transitions - infrared region and rotational energy with the microwave region

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The top 2 are X-rays and gamma rays.

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Q: Electromagnetic waves with higher have higher energies?
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What are the the components of electromagnetic radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation is simultaneously both waves and photons. The waves are perpendicular electrical waves and magnetic waves. Photons are massless particles. At lower frequencies/energies the waves are the easier to detect phenomenon, at higher frequencies/energies the photons are the easier to detect phenomenon, but it is always both all the time.

Is it true that the highest energy electromagnetic waves are UV rays?

Not true. X-rays and gamma rays have higher energies.

What are the energies for waves in the electromagnetic spectrum?

Planck discovered the energy for electromagnetic waves to be Energy=hf. The energy is Planck's Constant times the frequency of the wave.

Electromagnetic waves with the highest energy have the?

Electromagnetic waves of higher energy have a higher frequency and a smaller wavelength.Electromagnetic waves of higher energy have a higher frequency and a smaller wavelength.Electromagnetic waves of higher energy have a higher frequency and a smaller wavelength.Electromagnetic waves of higher energy have a higher frequency and a smaller wavelength.

A range of light waves with different wavelenghts and energies is called an?

The name given to the range of waves with increasing energies is called the Electromagnetic Spectrumi think it is spectrum

Are X-ray and gamma radiations similar to visible light or radio waves except for their higher energies?

X-rays, gamma rays, radio waves, and visible light are forms of electromagnetic radiation. Gamma rays are highest in energy compared to other electromagnetic radiations. Radio waves are least in energy in the whole electromagnetic spectrum.

Which has higher frequency microwaves or tv waves?

In the entire spectrum of electromagnetic waves, microwaves and radiowaves (microwaves are sometimes classified under radio waves), have the longest wavelengths, and the lowest frequencies (and therefore, energy).

What energies can thermal energy transfer into?

one energy that thermal energy can transfer into is radiation energy. It can transfer into that because of the electromagnetic waves.

The various types of electromagnetic radiation are distinguished from each other by their?

Electromagnetic waves are classified according to their wavelength and frequency and this classification is called electromagnetic spectrum.

When scientists talk aboutelectromagnetic radiation what are they really describing?

Electromagnetic radiation is also known as electromagnetic waves. That are produced by the motion of electrically charged particles. Electromagnetic energy is a term used to describe all the different kinds of energies.

What is the full range of electromagnetic radiation called?

There are seven types of electromagnetic waves and they are: 1. Radio waves 2. Microwaves 3. Infra-red waves 4. (visible) Light waves 5. Ultra-violet waves 6. X-ray waves 7. Gamma rays

Are the sun's rays mechanical waves or electromagnetic waves?

Electromagnetic waves