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the metal on a radiator

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Conductor: steel utencils, copper wire;metallic doorknobs;

Insulators:wooden furniture;rubber slippers,handles etc; plastic things like mugs

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a good conductor is the bottom of a saucepan

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ion boiler and microwave

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Q: Examples of good conductors of heat in the home?
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Name two examples of heat conductors found in the home?

Water and "Pots and Pans" are two heat conductors in the home..

Make a list of materials which are good conductors of heat and materials which are good insulators of heat from objects at home?

Generally, things that feel cold to touch (in a normal temperature room and no heating applied to them) are good conductors of heat (metals for example). Poor conductors tend to feel neither hot or cold under normal conditions (wood for example).

What are 5 examples conductors in your home?

is a conuctor abodle

How good and bad conductors of heat are useful to us?

Substances that don't have the capacity to carry heat are called bad conductors of heat (or insulators ). Substances that have the capacity to carry heat are called good conductors of heat. As for electricity, it is very, much the same.

How does the thickness of the insulation affect heat loss?

The thicker the insulation, the more heat is kept in your home. This is because inside the insulation are tiny air bubbles, witch are not good conductors of heat. This means that the heat energy can not pass through it.

At home what items are good conductors?

cooking pans, and pots, water and anything medal

What are two examples of heat conduction that are observable in everyday life?

Two examples of heat conduction that are observable in everyday life:- heat conduction through walls- heat conduction through clothing- heat conduction from many home appliances

Conductors around the house?

Places In The Home That Need To Be Conductors To Work

Home fires are often cause by people who replace fuses with coins why would they cause a problem?

Because most coins are not made out of pure copper any more, and do not make good conductors of electricity, which means that the current looses more energy by creating heat. Too much heat will cause a fire.

What two properties of metal make them useful materials for the electrical wiring at home?

Mainly, metals are extremely good conductors of electricity, compared to most other materials.

Names of conductors?

The best conductor of electricity is silver followed by copper, gold, aluminum and calcium. Copper is used for most electrical cable. Silver is too costly to be used in electrical applications. Although gold is not as conductive as copper, it is often used for connectors. Because gold doesn't tarnish, it makes for a reliable connector. Aluminum is used in commercial power transmission systems but it is difficult to install properly so it is almost never seen in home wiring systems. Finally, calcium is only half as conductive as copper and reacts with air and water making it a poor choice for electrical systems.

What are 5 conductors and insulators present at your home?