Examples of isobars in chemistry

Updated: 8/10/2023
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7N14, 6C14

2He3, 1H3

92U239, 93Np239

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Q: Examples of isobars in chemistry
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Who Discovered Isobars In Chemistry and Isobar Definition?

Isobars are a point or line drawn on map that connects the places of constant pressure e.g, atmospheric pressure or sea level.

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What is the similarities between isobars and isotherms?

what is the similaraties between isobars and isotherms ]

Comparison between isotopes and isobars?

Isotopes and isobars are very different. Isotopes are different atoms of the same element that have varying atomic masses (such as U-237 and U-235; i.e. they differ only in the number of neutrons contained within the nucleus), while isobars are a computed line through a variable region that all have the same value (think about the lines on a meteorological map). The specific line around a low pressure system where the pressure at every point on the line is the same atmospheric pressure is an isobar. Isobars are nuclei of different elements having the same mass number but different atomic number.

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Where would you generally see isobars?

Yea, where would you generally see isobars??