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In many processes, part of the energy is lost - in the sense of getting converted into an unusable form of energy. This is no exception. Specifically, when a substance is burned - in this case the gasoline - the chemical energy is converted to heat energy, which is a "lower grade" type of energy. That is to say, it is no longer possible to convert all the heat into other types of energy.

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Q: Explain why all the stored energy in gasoline does not transform to mechanical energy of a vehicle?
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When the potential energy of gasoline is converted to the kinetic energy of a moving car what has occurred?

Gasoline isn't changed into energy, because it is matter, and matter only changes form (it turns into carbon monoxide among other things). However, if what you are asking is, what kind of energy is produced when gasoline is burned in an engine, then you get kinetic energy (the heat builds pressure which causes kinetic energy when the rods are forced to move)

Converting mechanical energy into heat energy is accomplished by the cooling?

Mechanical energy can create thermal energy by doing work on a substance, such as compressing a gas, or by friction as in brakes on a vehicle, which get very hot under braking.

What is the most common energy conversion?

One of the most common energy conversions involves the changing of potential energy to kinetic energy or kinetic energy to potential energy.Answer:Eventually all energy is transformed into heat.

Which vehicle has more kinetic mechanical energy?

a 1500lb truck moving at 45 mph

Where does the kinetic energy come from when a car accelerates uniformly starting from rest?

Chemical energy in the gasoline is released by burning a mixture of 'atomized' gasoline and air. Most of the energy is used to heat the surrounding air, by means of the engine's cooling system. The remaining small part of the energy is used to turn the engine parts, which transfer the kinetic energy to the vehicle by way of the transmission and the wheels. When the vehicle needs to slow down or stop, the kinetic energy is instantly and efficiently used to heat more of the surrounding air, by means of the braking system.

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