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Light, also known as photons

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Q: Gamma rays have the same basic nature as?
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Are gamma rays the same size as beta rays?


Why do gamma rays travel at the speed of light?

Gamma rays travel at the speed of light because both light and gamma rays are variants of the same thing: electromagnetic radiation.

Why gama rays are rays but not waves?

Light "rays" are both waves and particles, that is the nature of light. Thus Gamma Rays is the name for a type of light that is in essence just the same as visible light, radio waves, heat and X rays.

If the gamma rays and X-rays have the same frequency what will the electron have?

The gamma rays and x-rays will cancel each other out causing those electrons to have little to none frequencies

Do gamma rays travel the speed of light?

Gamma rays travel exactly the speed of light because gamma rays are light

Why gamma rays travel as fast as the speed of light?

Because gamma rays are exactly the same thing that light is, only with shorter wavelengths.

Does an atomic increase through gamma radiation?

it remains the same gamma rays have no mass and no electrical charge

Are the gamma rays photons in the sun because they act the same?

the core

Do alpha particle same group with gamma ray?

Alpha particles are in the same group with gamma rays. Gamma rays helps remove all of the excise energy in a nucleus. Alpha particles consist of two protons and two neutrons that are bound together.

Are x-rays energy the same as gamma rays?

Since x-rays have lower frequencies than gamma rays have, each x-ray photon carries less energy than a gamma ray photon carries. Both carry enough energy to damage living cells.

Gamma rays faster than radio waves?

No. Gamma rays and radio waves are both electromagnetic waves and travel at the same speed. They just have different wavelengths/frequencies.

How does the speed of light compare with the speed of gamma rays when both speeds are measured in a vacuum?

Same speed - light and gamma rays are both electromagnetic waves, but with different frequencies.