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Plants do that - hence fossil fuels. It can also be converted to electricity by photovoltaic cell arrays, though they don't "trap" the energy. They can however be used to charge batteries.

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  • Carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Methane
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The greenhouse effect

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Q: How can the energy from the sun be trapped?
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What is the energy coming from the sun?

Hydrogen. It is really helium, but it converts it. So it is hydrogen.

What term refers to the sun's energy being trapped in our atmosphere?

the greenhouse effect

What is process by which energy from the sun is trapped on earth surface and converted into heat?

The greenhouse effect

During photosynthesis energy from the sun is trapped in what?

In the leaves and parts of the stem

What is the natural process where the sun's energy is trapped by the atmosphere to make the Earth warm enough for life?

The greenhouse effect captures the sun's energy and keeps the earth warm.

Why does it gets so hot inside a car parked in the sun?

Energy from light waves is trapped inside the car as heat energy.

Does Venus gets its energy from the sun or volcanoes?

I'm not sure what you mean by "energy". The temperature of Venus is generally attributed to "Green House Effect" and is the result of the sun's energy being trapped by the Venus cloud cover.

Flow of energy converted with photosynthesis?

Fusion energy in the Sun's core produces light that leaves the Sun as electromagnetic radiation. This is trapped by the chloroplasts in plant cells and the energy is used to break chemical bonds and make new chemical bonds. Sugars are made and the sugars store the Sun's energy as chemical energy.

What happens to the sun engery during photosynthesis?

This energy is trapped in a glucose molecule. You get glucose from carbon bi oxide and water with the help of a green pigment in plants. Sun has been the main source of energy.

What is the process by which the sun's energy is trapped as the source of energy used by virtually all living organisms?

in plants it is called photosynthesis, in all other organisms it is called chemical energy

How is earths air heated?

Well, the sun gives off energy (or heat). When it hits the Earth's atmosphere, it absorbs that heat or energy. the energy is then trapped in the atmosphere. This is called the "green house effect."

What is the main energy source that drives global warming?

The main energy source for global warming is the sun. The warmth that reaches us from the sun is trapped by the naturally-occurring greenhouse gases, to maintain a comfortable temperature suitable for human habitation. The recent rise in greenhouse gases, resulting from human activity, causes more of the sun's heat to be trapped, resulting in global warming.