How do you get a top to spin longer?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The closer to the tip you hold it, the longer the spinning top will spin for. You also need a very powerful force to start it of.

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Q: How do you get a top to spin longer?
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Does spin keep stuff up in the air longer?

no nothing will change unless air flowing from top to bottom

When did Top Spin - video game - happen?

Top Spin - video game - happened in 2003.

What is tennis ball spin name?

Top spin, back spin... There's a few.

Definition of top spin in tennis?

Top spin is when you brush up on the ball with the racquet to make top spin. Top spin is used in tennis to make the ball drop onto the court so it will not go out of play. It is the most common used shot in tennis. It is very consistant.

What is something you can spin?


When was Top Spin - video game - created?

Top Spin - video game - was created on 2003-10-28.

Where to buy Duncan imperial spin top?

One place that a Duncan Imperial Spin Top can be purchased at is through Amazon. The Duncan Imperial Spin top can be purchased for a price ranging from $4 to $8.

What are the different types of spins in tennis and when would you use them?

The different types of spin in tennis include: top spin, slice (under spin), and flat (no spin). Top spin is a favorite of the professionals. Top spin is primarily used for ground strokes, approach shots, and sometimes while serving. The beauty of top spin is that it makes the ball go high into the air, almost as if it is going to fly out, and then the top spin causes the ball to drop back in when it hits the ground. Plus, topspin causes the ball to bounce very high in the air. To hit top spin you brush your racquet from the bottom to the top of the ball. For example, think of the ball as a clock face. You brush from 6 o

Can you spin a top on carpet?

Not often, it is really hard the get it spinning on carpet, you basicly have to spin on wood floor or a table top.

Where can one purchase spin top games?

One can buy spin top games by almost all top online shops including Amazon, Ebay etc. Forums and blogs help finding reviews about the games of spin top games.

Is there cheats on top spin?

Answer Yes! Top-spin is very easy to add on a tennis shot! Making a loop really helps, and coming up ontop of the ball. Top-spin is a great shot and is sure to improve your game!

I just got my bearing called vxb ceramic bearing and it spins only about 10 seconds so how can i make it go longer?

Spin it faster, and it will spin longer.